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Few Words About Us

Keeping people as our number one resource, we bring creativity and robustness together in our technology solutions.

Keeping the Vital points, well vital

Information is invaluable today.Some say it is as worth as gold. Our team is all about getting all the gold , be it in bars or flakes! We pay attention to every small detail ever discussed.

Convenience and our users go together like Peanut Butter and Jam

We go out of our way to get our user the best experience there can be. We strongly believe that investing in people is the most rewarding experience.

Keeping the analytics a breeze to look at

Clutter has no place in our eco-system. We only provide the analytics of what is absolutly neccesary; nothing more, nothing less.


These are the numbers for the US ALONE.Imagine including other countries too. Big Data just got bigger.


Meetings each DAY


Meetings each MONTH


US Dollars Lost!


Percent people not happy with the outcome of each meeting


MetEase provides a whole 'Meetings-Managed' pack which has transcriptions, action points,projects and places!

Record Projects

MetEase can attribute meetings to a certain project in the company, thereby searching for a particular point/enitity is very easy.

Action Points Deliverance

The transcription of the meeting yields a set of action points which can be extremely helpful to document the vital parts of the meetings.

Speaker Identification

MetEase even identifies speakers and marks their names alongside with what they have spoken about.

Summary and Highlights

A summary or a set of desired highlights can be derived from the meeting with keeping in mind the importance of the information amount to be extracted.

Fast Delivery

The transcription and the action points are delivered in a quick time span to the participants.

Keep a record of participants and their places

MetEase can keep a track of the meetings' attendees and the places from where they attended.


Our most valuable resource which makes the magic happen

Deep Singh Dhillon


Nimish Khurana


Puneet Jindal


Ximi Hoque



You can find us on the map or through the email/telephone numbers provided .

SCO 224, Sector 37
Chandigarh, India 160036


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